March 11, 2006: Bolden Says, "Councilmember Has Failed Chief Thompson, Rosenbaum Family And The Public" Once Again, Calls on Mendelson to Launch Investigation

March 10, 2006:
Bolden Raises Over $235,000 for Democratic At-Large Primary Race Adds More Than $40,000 Over Past 40 Days

March 9, 2006:
Bolden Applauds Mayor for WiFi Program

March 9, 2006:
Bolden Proposes Innovative Outreach to End Youth Violence, Crime

March 1, 2006:
Bolden asks, "Where Is the Rosenbaum Report?"

February 28, 2006:
Bolden Blasts Councilmember On Crime: Proposes Crime Reduction, Post-Release Services For Ex-Offenders Plan

February 15, 2006:
Bolden Respectfully Bids arewell To Wilhelmina Rolark: Fondly Recalls His First Job in DC Working for Rolark

February 6, 2006:
Bolden, "Who Is Running the Judiciary Committee?"
Former Committee Chair Admonishes Councilmember Mendelson to Take Action on EMS

February 1, 2006:
Bolden Says EMS System is Broken: Questions Council member's Leadership and Statements on EMS in Advance of Investigation

January 31, 2006:
Bolden Raises Over $194,000 for Democratic At-Large Primary Race: Surpasses the incumbent's 2002 total for Primary Re-election Campaign

January 26, 2006:
EMS Crisis Requires Leadership says Bolden
Questions Mendelson's Decision not to Hold Hearings or Conduct an Investigation

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