Thank you for visiting our Web site. Over the past few months, I have been listening and visiting with residents of our great city to engage them in a discussion about issues that matter most to them. What I've heard over and over from District residents is that they, like me, love this city and their communities. We are all proud of our history and accomplishments. We all have a great sense of community.

And we hold great promise for what is to come. But I also hear that there is uneasiness about our future. Some segments of the city seem to be doing extremely well while many others continue on a downward spiral. The conditions of our public schools, the ever increasing economic and social divide, the state of our health care system, affordable workforce housing and D.C. Voting Rights are what I refer to as the Big Five issues. These are all issues that seem to be on the minds of our citizens and are issues we simply cannot wait any longer to solve, resolve or overcome.

The District of Columbia should not be an ideal city just for the tourists, or for Congress, or the super wealthy. Our city should be one in which we can take pride in every ward, every neighborhood -- a showcase for our nation. It will take courage on behalf of our leadership, vision on behalf of our elected officials and political will on behalf of our city council. But most of all, it is going to take community empowerment and individual responsibility for all these issues by you, your neighbor and your neighbor's neighbor, in partnership with our elected officials-excellence in leadership, servant leadership, collective leadership. Together, we all have the power to change, the power to lead, and the power to transform the District of Columbia.

In the coming months, I will continue on my "Listening Tour" of our great city and its neighborhoods, citizens' associations and civic associations to get input and feedback on what you think is working and not working. I'll use this Web site to report to you what I'm learning, what I'm hearing and some of my thoughts on how we continue to make this city great.

And also, please take the opportunity to sign up for "The Bolden Report," my periodic newsletter to learn my positions and proposed resolutions to addressing the "Big Five" issues confronting our great city and about happenings in the District.


A. Scott Bolden
Bolden 2006 Campaign

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