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FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 2006: Honoring Emancipation Day, " the same way that we work everyday to make our personal relationships flourish, each of us must strive to be accepting, open-minded, tolerant and loving." Click here to read the Bolden Blog!
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12, 2006: Mendelson's stalling jeopardizes public; Bolden says, "Act now!" Click here to read the Bolden Blog!
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Thank you for visiting our Web site. Over the past few months,
I have been listening and visiting with residents of our great city
to engage them in a discussion about issues that matter most to
them. What I’ve heard over and over from District residents is
that they, like me, love this city and their communities. We are
all proud of our history and accomplishments. We all have a
great sense of community.
  And we hold great promise for what is to come. But I also hear that there is uneasiness about our future. Some segments of the city seem to be doing extremely well while many others continue on a downward spiral. The conditions of our public schools, the ever increasing economic and social Statement thanks a ton is a straightforward work of revealing your gratitude for anybody. By saying these magic words, it takes little effort to make someone's day. Clinical doctors are a crucial part of our environment doctors note. Publishing a thanks notice is truly a nice gesture to recognize their providers. This indicates, in today's speedy-paced lifestyle, we certainly have overlooked to doctors note thank persons on the endeavors they decide to try make our way of life much better. Though just one will doctors note cover the skills doctors note received with a health doctors note practitioner, lifespan-preserving deeds of doctors cannot be assessed in the case of profit. Appreciation to them can certainly be found through very little acts like thanking them. A little thanks a ton notice acquired doctors note by a sufferer will make the surgeon become wonderful. Medical practitioners, as with all other high quality, strive to undertake their projects. Actually, their task is an existence-saver, and as a consequence, indispensable for men and women in modern culture. It is not necessarily every day that individuals jot down a thanks a lot message to a wonderful health care provider. When we doctors note do, it gives him/her a feeling of satisfaction. Compact operates of thankfulness similar to this pass on joy on the earth all over us. divide, the state of our health care system, affordable workforce housing and D.C. Voting Rights are what I refer to as the Big Five issues. These are all issues that seem to be on the minds of our citizens and are issues we simply cannot wait any longer to solve, resolve or overcome. More >>  
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